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Important Reasons to Include Oxygenating Equipment When Creating a Pond Tags: living water aeration

Property owners have a variety of reasons for wanting a pond to be constructed. They may want the water feature for scenic beauty, as a place for fish, to swim in, or to attract wildlife. No matter what the purpose will be, oxygenating the water with pond aerators and fountains is essential. Some people try having a pond without a pump or fountain, but they usually discover problems developing.

Beneficial Bacteria

Organic sediment builds up along the bottom of the pond if there aren't enough beneficial bacteria to break it down. Bacteria that require oxygen are most efficient at doing this work. Anaerobic bacteria can eliminate some of the debris, but the process emits a foul odor that smells like rotten eggs. Most people have encountered this noxious aroma now and then when walking near a stagnant pond or marsh.

Preventing Turbidity and Unwanted Plant Growth

Without oxygenating equipment from a supplier like Living Water Aeration, a pond acquires an undesirable level of turbidity, which makes the surface look cloudy instead of clear. In addition, duckweed and algae blooms are more likely on a stagnant pond, making the water murky. It's no longer lovely to look at it, and the idea of swimming in it is unappealing.

Consistent Temperature Levels

If the pond has fish, keeping the temperature levels somewhat consistent throughout the water is important. When the temperature of the water is layered, this is technically known as stratification. The type of climate where the pond is located determines which months the oxygenation system must run for this purpose. In general, the system should run all the time during the months when it's needed. Otherwise, the fish can be harmed when the temperature layers are suddenly blended.

Two Devices

For a fish pond, it's best to have two devices for aeration during hot summers in case one fails. Otherwise, the entire pond can become too warm for the fish, depending on its depth and the amount of sunshine it receives. Some pond owners run both devices all the time during the summer if the pond is a large one. A floating fountain is an ideal choice for a larger water feature in addition to another device. At the very least, having a second piece of equipment available for backup is crucial.

Keeping the water oxygenated keeps the pond beautiful and in healthy condition. To order this type of equipment, property owners may visit a website like


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